Introducing Much Ado About Nothing

By Joya Rankins

The original Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, takes place in Messina, Italy. The original play starts off with the princes returning home from war, which helps the plot develop when Claudio and Hero fall in love. Soon enough as the play continues, Hero is accused of having sex before her wedding day. As the climax approaches it is discovered that Don John set Hero up so she could not get married to Claudio to upset the happy/comedic vibe in the play. As the play progresses, Hero is claimed to not be a virgin because Don John framed her. Once Claudio finds out, he does not want to marry her but instead shames her at the alter. Hero then pretends to fake her death until Friar and Leonato devise a plan to save Hero from shame by portraying her as Leonato’s niece. It is soon revealed that Don John has set Hero up and Claudio is devastated by his actions of shaming her leading him to marrying Leonato’s “niece” who is actually the former Hero.

In our production of Much Ado About Nothing, the main characters are Don John played by Kayla Shelton, Don Pedro played by Abdi Buul, Claudio played by Theodore Bruni, Hero played by Amanda Bledsoe, Friar played by Joya Rankins, and Leonato played by Lucy Kirk, the importance of these characters help show the status of the production. For the production we chose a high school theme because we viewed the story as high school drama between teenagers, especially following the “he said she said” aspect. The play highlights the key information that helps the plot develop unto its entirety. We hope you enjoy the rest of the great information to follow about our play, Much Ado About Nothing.