There is a semester-long, collaborative project in SDSU’s Spring 2016
Shakespeare Comes Alive! class, designed and taught by Dr. Edith
Frampton. This project is in keeping with the course focus on Shakespeare’s drama in
performance. It also aligns the class with SDSU’s new Area of Excellence
in the Digital Humanities and Global Diversity, since class members will be
digitally archiving the research and performances done for the class. Students
will work together throughout the semester in groups of five, six, or seven to
create a WordPress digital portfolio on a specific Shakespeare play,
designed for use by high school students anywhere around the world. The
portfolio will also serve as a demonstration of class members’ scholarly
skills, writing, and ability to create a professional product. It will
include two things: a study guide, with five or six different sections
individually written by group members, and an uploaded video of a fully
memorized and staged thirty-minute live performance of a scene or scenes
from the play for the class in April or May.